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Wine Tasting at Magnotta Winery

Few things complement food better than wine. And when in Canada, there are few things better than touring the Magnotta Winery. Magnotta has seven locations across Ontario and has become one of Ontario’s leading wineries in terms of sales volume. Its flagship facility is in Vaughan, Northern Toronto and offers tours to travelers seeking an exciting new experience.

Magnotta Winery

The Magnotta Winery is quite easily accessible and is just a few minutes away from Downtown, Toronto. The Magnotta Wineries were founded by Gabe and his wife Rossana in 1990. The fledgling business encountered staggering roadblocks but still went on to become a roaring success. And it was all thanks to Gabe’s remarkable business acumen. Unfortunately, Gabe is no more. He succumbed to Lyme disease in December 2009 but his passion lives on in the wineries that are a living tribute to his exceptional foresight and pioneering spirit.


Magnotta has won several prestigious awards and makes a variety of wines. Some of the wines you could pick and choose from include the popular red and white wines, fortified, fruit, dessert, affinity wines etc. Besides, the winery also produces vodka, gin and grappa. In addition, it develops premium vintages, icewines, a line of international wines and specialty wines. With so much to choose from, it’s little wonder that Magnotta has become the third largest winery in Ontario.


Tours to the winery are conducted daily in the afternoon. It’s quite an original experience especially if you haven’t visited a winery before. Even those who’ve already been to a winery will discover something new as each winery offers a different experience. The complex is around 75,000 square feet and is architecturally brilliant. It features high ceilings and an impressive art collection. A stopover at the Awards Room will give you an idea of just how prominent this winery is. It houses over 1600 medals that Magnotta has received over the years.


The tour also includes a visit to the wine cellars and a stroll through the production area and microbrewery.  You can catch a glimpse of the natural craft brewed beers and the home wine making with Festa Juice. A walk through the fountain garden and the vine covered trellises also forms part of the tour. The best part of the tour is the stopover at the complimentary tasting bar where you can sample some of Magnotta’s wines.


A visit to Magnotta Winery is not only an enlightening and informative experience but is also a lesson about the triumph of ambition and passion against all odds. The winery may have started small, supplying wine and grape juice to a few home wine makers but has now etched an indelible mark in the Canadian winery market.  Its Icewines are par excellence and have earned Magnotta more than 300 awards. Magnotta has become a recipient of worldwide praise and critical acclaim for its products. And it all began with a dream tempered with hard work and a strong will to beat the odds.