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Textile Museum of Canada

A visit to a textile museum may not have you jumping up and down with excitement but surprisingly enough it could turn out to be an interesting way to spend some time. Drop by the Textile Museum of Canada if you want a reprieve from typical touristy hotspots. It’s a cool arty place that focuses on fabric art and is supposed to be one of Toronto’s most intriguing visual art centers.

Textile Museum of Canada

The buzzword at the museum is ‘diversity.’ It houses more than 12000 objects from over 200 countries and regions. You’ll come across garments, traditional fabrics, carpets and other trinkets like beads and baskets. But don’t go expecting a sophisticated presentation of this art work. The display is rather rudimentary but then the museum never claims otherwise. After all, it is a little museum devoted almost entirely to textile art.


The collection is an assortment of work from different places across the globe and different eras of time. The museum has different floors, each with a distinct focus. But what’s atypical about this museum is that the fabrics are not segregated according to place or time. Instead, they are sort of mixed up in a very novel way.  In terms of variety, this museum has a lot to offer ranging from cashmere fabrics to patchwork quilts.


The museum also features a large space for exhibitions where it hosts themed shows from its permanent collection as well as contemporary exhibitions of the work of Canadian and other international artists. If you think your kids would be bored in this kind of place, think again. There’s also a separate area for kids where they can play games, touch and feel different fabrics and learn about textile skills.


The gift shop is simply amazing with an inventive selection of textile based gifts and books. The books cover interesting subjects that deal with embroidery, dying and any other topic that would appeal to someone with even a slight interest in fiber arts. Many of the items stocked here are one-of-a-kind pieces. An art aficionado would flip over the stuff found here.


You may not be able to spend the entire day lounging here, but if you have a couple of hours or so at your disposal, you should definitely drop by. Though the museum is in the heart of downtown Toronto, it is quietly tucked away on a side-street away from the humdrum of the city.


Art is hardly given importance in everyday life, yet it’s something that can substantially enhance the culture of any region. There is so much you can learn about a society’s culture from its textiles. The Textile Museum of Toronto affords you the opportunity to educate yourself about textiles, culture and art. Connecting with cloth has never been more interesting.