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If you’re a fan of the epic Sex in the City series, then you know where Carrie had most of her exploits. Where else in the world would you get to experience glamour of city lights than the infamous city of Manhattan, New York?

The statue of Liberty and Manhattan, New York City, USA

The Statue of Liberty

Manhattan, New York boasts of some of the historical architectural buildings and sculptures considered as an important symbol and landmark in modern times. Perhaps one of the famous landmarks is the Statue of Liberty located at the New York harbour. A lot of tourist agencies offer packages and tours which include a 75-minute cruise of the harbour leading to the Statue of Liberty. So if you want to meet the La Liberté éclairant le monde, be sure to book a touring cruise of the harbour.

The Empire State Building

If you’re a romantic movie buff, then you know where to visit first when you’re in Manhattan. The Empire State Building has been and still is the symbol to many romantics in the world of love lost and then found. Classic romances like Sleeping in Seattle or An Affair to Remember romanticized the Empire State Building.; it’s not only a famous historical landmark but the view from the top of the Empire State offers a breathtaking backdrop of Manhattan. So make the Empire State Building one of your must-see when visiting Manhattan.

The Times Square

Of course who would forget the famous Times Square? This place is the birthplace of Broadway.  Perhaps one of the most visited place in the entire world, Times Square is a melting pot of artists and dream chasers, who wants to make it big in the city of lights. Your visit to Manhattan is not complete until you have been basked in the lights of Times Squares or walked its historical pavements.

The Central Park

If you’re tired from seeing architectures or tall buildings, one fantastic way to enjoy nature while visiting Manhattan is a tour of Central Park. Central Park is the best place to enjoy quiet walks after a tiring tour exploring the city.

The Rockefeller Centre – last but certainly not the least

Noteworthy to mention that the view of Central Park from the sky is likewise breathtaking; you can experience this when visiting Rockefeller Centre. Named after the famous businessman John D. Rockefeller Jr., this building is located at the center of Manhattan. A view from the top must be on the tourist must-to-do list in order to complete the New York experience.