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Granville Island in Vancouver

The Granville Island is one of those places that you should venture into without a guide telling you what to do. The fun of visiting Granville Island lies in discovering places for yourself by walking down the roads and alleyways and entering into shops and establishments that look interesting to you. This tiny city is meant to be visited when you have a day to yourself and nothing particular on the agenda.

The Granville Island was a major industrial center in the 1917 and was later on used as a ship building center during WWII. It soon fell into disuse around the sixties and the site became totally run-down. In the beginning of the 70s, the federal government encouraged new and people friendly developments and Granville Village was turned into a multi-use facility, which included industry, commerce, and entertainment. It was decided that this unique town would maintain its original look and as a result, buildings that were formerly factories and warehouses were turned into galleries, restaurants, artist studios, and theaters.

The best way to describe Granville Island is to call it a huge playground with a lot of things that will catch your fancy. There’s a Kids Only Market that has an indoor play area for … well, children, along with shops where you can buy toys, kits, art supplies, and several other things that will keep your little angel happy.

If you have some time, you can rent a kayak and go for a row around the island and explore water creek. If you don’t feel confident enough to do that alone, you can opt for a guided tour, and those who are keen to learn can opt for lessons. A 3-hour kayak lesson will teach you some basic strokes, which will be enough to get you started.

For those with a cultural bent of mind, the Granville Island Museum is the hot destination. You can check out their collection of miniature trains and model boats. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 5:30pm, the Museum is sure to have some exhibits that will intrigue you.

Do what your heart desires here or do nothing at all, it’s your call. Browse through the popular Granville Island Market, considered to be one of the best all-around markets in North America, sample delicacies at the various food stalls, watch a theater performance, stroll along the waterfront under the moonlight, have some home brewed ale, pick up mementos for your friends, or simply take in the character of the village by walking about it. Like we mentioned before, Granville Island is best explored at your own pace and you are free to chart your own itinerary here. That’s just the best way to do it.