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Eau Claire – The Most Happening Place in Calgary

Eau Claire is a neighborhood in Calgary, Alberta and is an area sprinkled with restaurants, hotels and riverside condos. It is situated to the north of Downtown and south of the Bow River and also includes the city’s famed Festival District.  The city was named “Eau Claire” after a sawmill that was transplanted from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The area also has a large public plaza and urban parkland.

Eau Claire

The Eau Claire Market is the main attraction here and is located to the south of the Bow River. It is adjacent to the Prince Island Park and boasts a multitude of stores and restaurants. The area also offers the chance to take leisurely strolls along the walking trails on the river embankments. If you prefer dining outdoors, you’ll be happy to know that some of the restaurants offer the option of outdoor dining in the summer. What’s different about the Eau Claire Market is that it offers a suite of unique stores that aren’t found in other malls across Calgary.


Eau Claire has become quite a favorite among tourists. You can shop as you stroll along and sample some delicious food. The Eau Claire Festival Market also features art galleries, restaurants, a fresh food market with sea food, fresh produce, baked goods and imports. It has high entertainment value since the IMAX Theatre and the Cineplex Odeon Theatre are part of this area. The Cinescape, an arcade and entertainment complex is also here. Movie bluffs will simply love this place.


Another major attraction, the Prince’s Island Park is located to the North of Eau Claire. It is a large urban park on an island in the Bow River and hosts several summer festivals like the Calgary Folk Music Festival, Carifest, Shakespeare in the Park etc. Sometimes, you also come across sprightly street performers doing their thing.


Some of the stores and restaurants in the Eau Claire Market have quirky names like the Bow River Barley Mill, Joey Tomato’s, Grandma’s Garden, Jugo Juice, Loonie Plus Store, Son of the Pharaoh etc. Apart from these stores, there are several professional corporations housed here that offer diverse services like finance, administration, dry cleaning etc. Eau Claire’s immediate neighbors are Sheraton Suites, Eau Claire YMCA, the Chinese Cultural Centre and of course, the Prince’s Island Park.


Sometimes, the Eau Claire Festival Market hosts events like the Calgary Junior Idol competition. It is directly connected to Stephen Avenue Walk via Barclay Mall. Barclay Mall is a pedestrian mall along 3rd Street.


Eau Claire has a negligible population of around two thousand people. Plans are currently being made to rebuild the market to match the redevelopment of the Eau Claire Plaza. But until then, the Eau Claire market continues to be a popular place to shop, watch movies, gorge on fabulous food and stroll around leisurely.