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6 Tips For a Great Family Holiday Next Summer



It’s never too early to be thinking about your next holiday, especially if you want to make it extra special! The annual summer holiday is often the highlight of many families’ year, so it makes sense that you would want it to be perfect. Here are five tips to make your next family summer holiday fantastic.


Decide where to go

The world is your oyster and sometimes it can be overwhelming with that much choice. Decide whether you want to head to somewhere with sunshine, or fancy enjoying some snow; whether you want a holiday where you can do nothing but relax in luxury, or if you are more of an adventurous family. There is something to be said for visiting somewhere a little more off the beaten path with less tourists for an amazing experience without all the queues.


Plan but not too much

Deciding on a rough itinerary is a great way to make sure that everyone gets to do the things they want. However, if you find yourself cramming too much into the plan you won’t be able to enjoy anything, as you’ll be rushing to the next activity.


A jam-packed itinerary also doesn’t allow for resting, or any spontaneous adventures you might find along the way. Combat this by prioritizing a few things you want to do and see anything else as a bonus.


Be organised

The more organized you are, the less stressful your trip will be. For example, if there’s someone in your family with medical conditions, make sure you keep all their paperwork and information accessible at all times, including details on travel insurance, medications that are taken and any allergies. With any of your important paperwork, it pays to have copies and keep some locked in the safe when you are out and about.


Document the fun

Make sure you take lots of photographs and videos of your time on holiday as they will be great to look back on as the years go past. Get the children involved by encouraging them to create a scrapbook from tickets and leaflets you collect along the way – these will be lovely keepsakes and give them something to do during rainy days or down time.



Make sure you are present as soon as the holiday starts. Take some time away from electronics and enjoy spending time together as a family. Have fun with things like board games, family walks and bowling or crazy golf – basically, engaging activities that will leave you all laughing and having fun, without a phone or tablet in sight.

Get excited!

One of the best parts of any trip is the anticipation and build-up – especially for children! Get them involved by showing them pictures of where you are staying and discussing what it is that you will be doing when you are there. To avoid the constant questions of how long until you go, make a DIY holiday countdown for a visual representation.


If you follow these tips, you will have a great family holiday that you will all be talking about for years to come – and it’s likely that as soon as you get back, you’ll want to start planning your next trip already!


Do you have any top tips for a great family holiday? Leave them in the comments.